Our Sunbeds

Our state-of-the-art sunbeds allow you to develop a beautiful, natural looking sun tan colour quickly and easily. With adjustable fan cooling system you can just pop-in, tan, and leave without losing your cool.

We also have a wide range of sunbed tanning accelerators to help kick-start the tanning process.

Sensible Sunbed Tanning

Our tanning facilities are comfortable and spacious and you can be assured that our sunbeds comply to current EU regulations and are regularly serviced.

We also upgrade our sunbed bulbs on a regular basis so you benefit from the maximum tanning capabilities of our sunbeds.

sunbed tanning salon

IMPORTANT: Young people under 18 are not allowed in the sunbed areas - this is part of the law behind sunbed useage. We are also not in a position to look after children under 16 while you tan. Please bear this in mind as you may not get to have a session if you bring children with you.

Single Tanning Sessions Cost
Three Minutes £5.00
Six Minutes £7.00
Nine Minutes £9.00
Twelve Minutes £11.00
Fifteen Minutes £13.00
Money-Saving Sunbed Courses Cost
36 Minute Course £32.00
60 Minute Course £48.00
90 Minute Course £56.00
120 Minute Course £64.00
150 Minute Course £72.00

Important Notice

You must be over 18 to use our sunbeds and we will require proof.

*It is important that you prepare your skin, we may also restrict longer tanning sessions if it does not suit your skin-type or if you are new to the sunbed.