Male Waxing Therapist Senior / Advanced
Back Wax (15-30 mins) £25.00 £27.50
Chest Wax (15-30 mins) £25.00 £27.50
Shoulder Wax (15 mins) 14.00 £15.00
Half leg Wax (30 mins) £24.00 £25.50
Underarm Wax (15 mins) £13.00 £14.50
Eyebrow Shape (15 mins) £10.00 £11.50

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Mens Mini Manicure Therapist Senior / Advanced
(30 mins) – A file and cuticle tidy to your hands and nails looking impeccable. £22.00 £23.00

Other Treatments for Men

There are many of our standard treatments popular with men of all ages, including:

Important Message

99% of the men that come to the salon respect our therapists. But, it only takes one or two to spoil it.

Because of past incidences, please note, we can not perform same day treatments for new male clients.