Kissed By Mii Tanning

Kissed By Mii Tanning HampshireEveryone feels better with a tan and Kissed By Mii tanning works as a complete system to ensure that your tan is natural looking and long lasting.

mii fake tanning
  • An all over body exfoliation is applied to remove dead skin cells and increase blood circulation for a deeper tan (unless marked).
  • The conditioning Kissed By Mii tan lotion is then applied to the body and buffed with a soft mitt to remove any streaking, leaving an even tan.
  • A unique formulation ensures a golden brown colour that does not streak.
  • Chose your level of tan, applied by one of our highly trained therapists, leaving a naturally tan looked.

Kissed By Mii Tan Options

Half Body Kissed By Mii Tan Therapist Senior / Advanced
(30 mins) – If you want to just show off your upper half, or your lower half, this is the tan for you. £32.00 £33.50
Full Body Kissed By Mii Therapist Senior / Advanced
(60 mins) – Great for parties and special events where you want to look beautifully. £43.00 £44.50
Full Body Kissed By Mii Tan (exfoliation at home) Therapist Senior / Advanced
(45 mins) – Exfoliate at home and save £14.00. £29.00 £30.00

Pre Treatment Advice

Please attend wearing dark, loose clothing.
Shave a day before your tanning treatment, or wax at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
Remove all make-up, perfumes, moisturising creams and deodorant prior to your tanning treatment.
Start exfoliating for 4 days prior to tanning.