Inch Loss Body Wraps

Achieve inch-loss and cellulite reduction fast - guaranteed.

Inch Loss Body Wraps available Andover, Basingstoke, Farnborough & Fleet.

The Body Wrap

The Inch Loss Body Wrap is designed to help you achieve inch loss and cellulite reduction. By combining a regime of body wrap treatments with a traditional calorie controlled diet, inch loss can be successfully achieved and maintained.

We are so confident of the results, we guarantee that you will lose a minimum of 6 inches with your first body wrap.

How The Body Wrap Works

First, you will have a thorough consultation to ensure you have no adverse affects from the body wrap. We also measure you so we can record any results.

Contour Gel Application

Next, we apply Contour Gel to the areas of your body to be treated. The gel contains a combination of four blended Essential Oils in an Aloe Vera gel base, which will warm the tissues, increase circulation and improve the skin condition.


We then wrap you in special bandages, after which you relax on a couch for an hour listening to soothing music. At the end of the relaxation period, the bandages are removed and your skin will be left feeling warm, soft and smooth. (During this period we can offer an additional treatment, such as manicure or facial. NB. The treatments would need to be booked together.)


The areas of your body are re-measured to see the results, and we expect to see a loss of between 6-14 inches from your body. This means you could drop a dress size. We will also advise you on aftercare, which when followed, means your inches will stay off.

It is a myth that if you drink a glass of water after the treatment, you will put the inches back on. In fact the more water you drink the longer the inch loss lasts!

Inch Loss Body Wrap OptionsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Single Treatment (90 mins)£60.00£60.00
Course Of Three (Save £30)£150.00£150.00