Beauty Treatments at Truly Scrumptious Beauty

A range of treatments to keep you looking good from top-to-toe.

Our Treatment Price List

Bikini & Leg Waxing

Bikini & Leg WaxingTherapistSenior / Advanced
Extended Bikini£18.50£19.00
Brazilian Wax£30.00£31.50
Hollywood Wax£32.00£33.50
Half Leg Wax CombinationsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Half Leg Only£20.00£21.50
Half Leg & Bikini£27.50£29.00
Half Leg & Extended Bikini£32.00£33.50
Half Leg & Brazilian£40.00£41.50
Half Leg & Hollywood£42.00£43.50
3/4 Leg Wax CombinationsTherapistSenior / Advanced
3/4 Leg Only£24.50£25.00
3/4 Leg & Bikini£31.50£33.50
3/4 Leg & Extended Bikini£35.50£37.00
3/4 Leg & Brazilian£42.50£44.00
3/4 Leg & Hollywood£44.50£46.50
Full Leg Wax CombinationsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Full Leg Only£29.50£32.00
Full Leg & Bikini£35.50£37.00
Full Leg & Extended Bikini£38.50£40.00
Full Leg & Brazilian£47.00£49.00
Full Leg & Hollywood£49.00£50.50
Other Wax CombinationsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Half Leg & Underarm£28.00£29.50
3/4 Leg & Underarm£31.00£32.50
Full Leg & Underarm£37.00£38.50

Face & Arm Waxing

Facial & Eyebrow WaxingTherapistSenior / Advanced
Eyebrow Wax/Shape£10.00£11.50
Lip or Chin Wax£9.00£10.50
Lip & Chin Wax£13.50£14.50
Lip & Eyebrow Wax£16.50£17.50
Lip, Chin & Eyebrow Wax£20.00£21.50
Arm WaxingTherapistSenior / Advanced
Underarm Wax£12.00£13.00
Forearm Wax£13.50£14.50
Full Arm Wax£19.00£20.00

Hot Waxing

Bikini All-Hot WaxingTherapistSenior / Advanced
Extended Bikini Hot Wax£21.00£22.50
Brazilian Hot Wax£38.00£39.50
Hollywood Hot Wax£41.00£42.50
Other Hot WaxingTherapistSenior / Advanced
Underarm Hot Wax£15.00£16.00
Lip Hot Wax£15.00£16.00
Eyebrow Hot Wax£15.00£16.00
Lip & Eyebrow Hot Wax£24.50£26.00
Hot Wax CombinationsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Half Leg & Brazilian£46.00£47.50
Half Leg & Hollywood£48.00£49.50
3/4 Leg & Brazilian£48.50£50.00
3/4 Leg & Hollywood£51.00£52.50
Full Leg & Brazilian£53.00£54.50
Full Leg & Hollywood£55.00£56.50
Leg area wax uses warm wax. The bikini area uses all hot wax.


Facial ThreadingTherapistSenior / Advanced
Top Lip£12.00£13.50
Sides of Face£12.00£13.50
Facial Threading CombinationsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Lip & Chin£17.00£18.50
Eyebrow & Lip£20.00£22.00
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin£25.50£27.00
Full Face£33.00£34.50
Eyebrow Thread & Tint£19.00£20.50

Manicures, Pedicures & Gel Nails

Jessica ManicuresTherapistSenior / Advanced
Jessica Prescription Manicure£30.00£32.00
Jessica Deluxe Manicure£34.00£35.00
Jessica Double Deluxe Manicure£41.00£43.00
LeRemedi Hand Treatment£18.00£20.00
Jessica ZenSpa PedicuresTherapistSenior / Advanced
Jessica ZenSpa Pedicure£36.00£37.50
Jessica ZenSpa Deluxe Pedicure£41.00£42.50
Other Manicure & PedicureTherapistSenior / Advanced
Shape & Polish (fingers or toes)£18.00£19.00
Mini Manicure (no polish)£22.00£23.00
Mini Pedicure (no polish)£23.00£24.00
Nail Paint (fingers or toes)£12.00£13.50
Nail Trim (fingers or toes)£12.00£13.50
Essence Nail Glitter – prices per nail from…£2.00£2.00
GELeration Gel ManicuresTherapistSenior / Advanced
GELeration Gel Shape and Polish£35.00£36.00
GELeration Gel Overlay Manicure£45.00£46.00
Deluxe GELeration Gel Overlay Manicure£55.00£56.00
GELeration Gel PedicuresTherapistSenior / Advanced
ZenSpa Pedicure with GELeration£55.00£56.00
GELeration RefreshTherapistSenior / Advanced
Existing Gel Removal£11.00£12.00
GELeration Refresh£24.00£25.00
Gel Repair (per nail)£3.00£3.00
Geleration Combinations (hands and feet)TherapistSenior / Advanced
Gel Shape & Polish (1 hr 15 mins)£63.00£65.00
Gel Manicure / Pedicure (2 hrs 15 mins)£90.00£92.00

Eve Taylor Facials

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Eve Taylor facials are designed for your specific skin care needs and tailored accordingly. We have a quick chat about any concerns you may have and then you lie back, relax and let us go to work.

Eve Taylor FacialsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Eve Taylor Express Facial (30 mins)£37.00£39.00
Eve Taylor Prescription Facial (45 mins)£47.00£49.00
Eve Taylor Prescription Facial Deluxe (60 mins)£55.00£57.00
Eve Taylor Prescription Facial Double Deluxe (75 mins)£62.00£64.00
(add 15 mins to all timings for consultation)

Eve Taylor Body Treatments

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Using Eve Taylor’s natural aromatherapy products, we have four luxurious body treatments tailored for your relaxation or stimulation.
Eve Taylor BodyTherapistSenior / Advanced
Aromatherapy Body Massage (55 mins)£49.00£50.50
Aromatherapy Back Massage (25 mins)£36.00£37.50
Leg or Arm Cellulite Treatment (25 mins)£28.00£29.50
Purifying Back Treatment (40 mins)£42.00£43.00
Purifying Back Treatment with massage (50 mins)£63.00£64.00

Body Treatments & Massage

Massage TreatmentsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (25 mins)£31.00£32.00
Full Body Massage (55 mins)£46.00£48.00
Indian Head Massage (40 mins)£34.00£35.00
Scalp Massage (10 mins)£16.00£17.00
Foot Massage (10 mins)£16.00£17.00
Deep Tissue MassageTherapistSenior / Advanced
30 Minutes£37.00£39.00
45 Minutes£44.00£47.00
60 Minutes£50.00£54.00
Hot Stone MassageTherapistSenior / Advanced
Back, Neck & Shoulder Hot Stone Massage (45 mins)£40.00£42.00
Full Body Hot Stone Massage (90 mins)£64.00£66.50

Body Wraps & Body Polish

Inch Loss Body Wrap OptionsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Single Treatment (90 mins)£60.00£60.00
Course Of Three (Save £30)£150.00£150.00
Body PolishTherapistSenior / Advanced
Single Treatment (25 mins)£27.00£29.00

CACI Microcurrent Facials & Body Treatment

Single Treatments
CACI Non Surgical Face-lift (60 mins)£64.00
CACI Hydro Lift Facial (75 mins)£73.00
CACI Ultimate Anti-ageing Facial (90 mins)£84.00
CACI Jowl Lift (30 mins)£35.00
CACI Eye Revive (45 mins)£44.00
CACI Ultimate Eye Lift (45 mins)£49.00
CACI Wrinkle Revolution (30 mins)£35.00
Party Lift Facial (60 mins)£84.00
CACI Bum Lift (30 mins)£44.00
Money Saving Courses
CACI Non Surgical Face-lift (course of 10)£520.00
CACI Hydro Lift Facial (course of 10)£625.00
CACI Ultimate Anti-ageing Facial (course of 10)£710.00
CACI Jowl Lift (course of 10))£290.00
CACI Eye Revive (course of 10)£370.00
CACI Ultimate Eye Lift (course of 10)£420.00
CACI Wrinkle Revolution (course of 10)£286.00
CACI Bum Lift (course of 10)£370.00

CACI Microdermabrasion

Single Treatment
CACI Crystal Free Microdermabrasion (45 mins)£54.00
Money Saving Courses
CACI Crystal Free Microdermabrasion (course of 6)£265.00

Eyelash Extensions

Cluster EyelashesTherapistSenior / Advanced
Flirty Sweep (15 mins)£20.00£22.00
Full Party Lash (30 mins)£30.00£32.00
Eyelash Extensions (Lash Perfect)TherapistSenior / Advanced
Eyelash Extensions (90-120 mins)£87.00£90.00
Half Set Eyelash Extensions (every other eyelash) (approx. 55 mins)£54.00£56.00
Eyelash Extension InfillsTherapistSenior / Advanced
(after 1-2 weeks) (30 mins)£26.00£28.00
(after 2-3 weeks) (45 mins)£36.00£38.00
(after 3-4 weeks) (60 mins)£46.00£48.00
Eyelash Extension Removals£11.00£12.00


  • Not available if you are pregnant in case of reactions.
  • You'll need a glue and/or tint test at least 24-hours before this treatment to test for any skin irritations. Includes existing customers who have not had the treatment in the past 6 months.
  • We may also ask for a deposit for the longer, more expensive treatments.

LVL Lashes

A natural eyelash treatment that straightens your natural eyelashes at the root to create the effect of longer, lifted lashes with more volume.

LVL LashesTherapistSenior / Advanced
Defining eyelash treatment (approx. 45 mins)£49.00£51.00


  • Not available if you are pregnant in case of reactions.
  • You'll need a glue and/or tint test at least 24-hours before this treatment to test for any skin irritations. Includes existing customers who have not had the treatment in the past 6 months.
  • We may also ask for a deposit for the longer, more expensive treatments.

Lash/Brow Tinting & TS Brow

Tinting TreatmentsTherapistSenior / Advanced
Eyebrow tint£10.00£11.00
Eyelash tint£17.00£18.00
Eyebrow shape and tint£18.00£20.00
Eyelash and eyebrow tint£22.00£23.50
Eyebrow thread and tint£20.00£22.00
TS Brow TreatmentTherapistSenior / Advanced
High definition brow treament (45 mins)£32.00£33.00
Maintenance treatment (30 mins)£27.00£28.00


  • Not available if you are pregnant in case of reactions.
  • You'll need a glue and/or tint test at least 24-hours before this treatment to test for any skin irritations. Includes existing customers who have not had the treatment in the past 6 months.
  • We may also ask for a deposit for the longer, more expensive treatments.

Mii Cream Tanning

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A unique formulation that ensures a golden brown colour that does not streak. Applied by hand, with exfoliation for the perfect tan.
Kissed By Mii Cream TanningTherapistSenior / Advanced
Half Body Kissed By Mii Tan (30 mins)£32.00£33.50
Full Body Kissed By Mii (60 mins)£43.00£44.50
Full Body Kissed By Mii Tan (45 mins) (exfoliation at home)£29.00£30.00

Hopi Ear Candles

A simple treatment that offers benefits for a wide range of conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat. Includes a facial massage.
Hopi Each Candle TreatmentTherapistSenior / Advanced
Standard treatment (25 mins)£32.00£34.00

Men's Treatments

Male WaxingTherapistSenior / Advanced
Back Wax (15-30 mins)£25.00£27.50
Chest Wax (15-30 mins)£25.00£27.50
Shoulder Wax (15 mins)£14.00£15.00
Half leg Wax (30 mins)£24.00£25.50
Underarm Wax (15 mins)£13.00£14.50
Eyebrow Shape (15 mins)£10.00£11.50
Mens Mini ManicureTherapistSenior / Advanced
(30 mins) – A file and cuticle tidy to your hands and nails looking impeccable.£22.00£23.00

Other Treatments for Men

Many of our standard treatments are also popular with men, including Eve Taylor facials, Eve Taylor body treatments and Massage (including deep tissue and hot stone massage).