Pre Wedding Beauty Advice

When it comes to one of the biggest days of your life, you want to make sure you look fantastic and feel comfortable with whatever decisions you have made in terms of your pre-wedding beauty preparation. The last thing you want to happen is for things to go wrong at the last minute and be worrying about what you look like when you should be enjoying your day. That’s why we have produced this quick guide to planning your wedding beauty regime.

Our Top Tips Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips

  • Don’t leave things until the last minute – Not only will you feel rushed, you may end up taking advice from the wrong people.
  • Find a good therapist and hang on to them – A good beauty therapist gets booked up well in advance, especially during the summer months. So, find someone early, have treatments with them; and when you trust them and see the results they have promised come to fruition… hang onto them by booking your pre-wedding beauty treatments as soon as you can.
  • Watch and learn – By investing in your beauty regime in the run up to your wedding day, you will learn lots about what works for you and what doesn’t, which will carry on well after your big day.
  • Don’t experiment at the last minute – For one reason or another you may react to a product or treatment in an adverse way. Make sure that the beauty treatment you are having just before your big day has been tried and tested – by you!
  • Enjoy the process – It’s YOUR big day – that one you have been dreaming about all these years. Make the most of the entire experience and don’t let it get on top of you. With the right preparation (and knowledge) you will feel much more relaxed in the run up to your wedding.

A True Story To Make You Think…

We know of a bride who was considering eyelash extensions but had never had them before. She was recommended by a friend to a beauty therapist at a salon and made a booking for for five days before her big day.

When she arrived for her appointment, she was told that someone else would be doing the treatment as the other therapist was busy.

The therapist didn’t do a great job and ended up gluing five lashes onto one, pulling at the skin around the eye and leaving the beautiful bride struggling to manage a swollen eye the day before her wedding.

Planning Your Wedding Beauty and Make-Up

In the same way that you plan your hair style to complement your wedding dress, you also need to think seriously about what beauty treatments you are going to have in the run up to your wedding, including wedding make-up.

Hopefully, you will have a rough idea of what you want to do well before the big day so seek advice from someone you can trust who knows what they are talking about. Preferably, listen to someone who can be objective with you on what you want to achieve and add suggestions that may make you think differently.

Lots of people will want to give you advice, including friends or family, but it’s your day, not theirs. And, because they are not experts, they actually be giving you bad advice based on what works for them. You can’t beat the word of someone who has studied something and has lots of experience.


Good skin does not happen overnight. Also, everyone’s skin is different. So what works for one person, may not work for another.

A good beauty therapist or skincare consultant will offer advice on a pre-wedding skincare regime that suits your skin so that you can work towards a great complexion well in advance of your big day.

It’s also essential to find skincare products that work for you and do not give you a reaction. And, the same applies to make-up. Some clients we have heard of have tried new skincare brands just days before their big day, only to get a reaction to an ingredient leaving their complexion not at its best.


Let’s have a look at the ring then!

You will be showing your hands off a lot on your wedding day and committing to plenty of close-up photos that you will look back on in years to come.

Hands and nails need nourishing so that they look healthy and glowing on your big day. Work towards a nail care regime well in advance of your wedding day and take advice on products that will help to overcome any nail problems you are currently having.

If you are not confident with your natural nails, consider gel nails which provide a coating on your nail without damaging the underlying nail.

With plenty of preparation, and the right nail care products, you can work towards nicer nails, cleaner cuticles and softer hands.

To Tan Or Not To Tan

When it comes to tanning, you have a three main choices – sun, sun beds, or a fake tan.

In terms of immediacy, a fake tan is a great way to look bronzed for your big day and to add a little bit of colour to complement your dress.

Plan which kind of tan works for you and make sure you have a full body exfoliation beforehand to maximise the tan and keep your skin glowing.

With the sun, or sun bed tanning sessions, work up towards your ideal colour. Don’t leave it to the last minute to get your colour as it could cause burning and it is not safe to have sun bed sessions too close together.

Make Up

Often, one of the most overlooked but essential parts of your big day is make up. Why not take advice from someone who will know how to get the most out of your complexion on the day?

Make sure anyone you choose listens to your ideas and obviously insist on trial runs before you commit. This will ensure that you are happy with the end result and you have no adverse reactions top any make up products being used. To maximise the benefits of any skincare regime, also consider mineral make-ups that allow your skin to breathe.

If you use a wedding makeup artist, you need to see that they do a good job, but you also need to get on well with them; especially if you retain them for the whole wedding day.

Popular Pre-Wedding Beauty Salon Treatments

Facial – Clear your skin and bring a glow to your complexion with a prescription facial that is designed around your current skin condition. We would suggest planning your regime in the run-up to your wedding so that you have a skincare consultation about 2-3 months before your big day; take away a skincare regime which you can use at home, and then plan in your pre-wedding facial two or three days before your wedding day.

Sunbed Tanning or Fake Tanning – If you opt for a sun bed, leave plenty of time to safely build up your tan over a few weeks so that it looks as natural as possible. If you decide on a fake tan, beauty salons offer spray tanning or full body cream tans, which come with body exfoliation and skin preparation to prolong your tan.

Body Polish & Exfoliation – Alternatively, if you are not so interested in looking bronzed, but want your skin to shine, you can opt for a body polish, which exfoliates away dead skin cells and moisturises your body. Especially good if you have a backless dress, a body polish can be combined with a fake tan for a real “wow” factor.

Manicure – For great looking nails, start 2-3 months before your big day, taking advice with a prescription manicure, with specific products to treat your nails. These can also make up part of your pre-wedding beauty regime with treatment base coats and cuticle oils to feed and nourish your hands. Then, the day before your wedding, as you prepare for the big day, you can include a manicure with your chosen nail polish colour.

Pedicure – If your tootsies are going to be on show at all, or you have unsightly cracked heels, a pedicure will make sure your feet and toes look great. Your feet will feel smoother and softer in your shoes and you can complement your toe nail colour to match your manicure – perfect to show off on your honeymoon.

Eyelash Extensions – Eyelash extensions are a great treatment to bring out your eyes with individual lashes glued to your natural lashes making them longer and sexier. But, make sure you have a trial run and find someone you know will do a great job. To be on the safe side, you should have eyelash extensions a month before your wedding to make sure you do not have any problems, then have an infill (check and top-up) just before your wedding day.

Aroma Massage – Finally, if the stress of the big day is getting to you, why not try an all over body massage to relax you can keep you calm. A wedding present to yourself to settle you for the big day.

At Truly Scrumptious, we offer wedding beauty packages in Hampshire or you can contact your local salon to design a pre-wedding beauty regime for you.

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