Safe Sunbed Tanning

People either love them or hate them and there is plenty of argument that you should steer well away from using sunbeds. A recent investigation about sunbeds on Daybreak (ITV) highlights that the argument is not as clear cut as you would imagine, especially when you break down the general facts about UV and that of sunbed tanning.

As a beauty business that offers sunbed tanning we take all of the arguments seriously, which is why we have strict guidelines on how we let clients use them – something not everybody likes to be honest.

During the dark winter months, sunbeds are often recommended by Doctors for Vitamin D benefits that comes with safe UV tanning. We also have people suffering with Psoriasis coming to us for their Doctors.

It just goes to show that sunbeds can offer much more than just a way to change the tone of your skin.

Everything In Moderation

Like most things in life, we believe that sunbed tanning should be done in moderation. Many of our clients use the sunbeds as a way to prepare their skin, either for a holiday or a special event, and, although we have regulars, it is recommended that you should have no more than sixty sessions a year. Also, “If you are lucky enough to look 18″, we always ask for identification, so make sure you come armed as we’d hate to turn you away.

The key to safe sunbed use is to make sure you measure your usage. If you have an event or a holiday coming up, plan well in advance, don’t cram in your tanning as there is a good chance you will burn and we may not be able to accommodate your sessions if you want them too close to each other.

If in doubt, come in and have a chat. Our therapists will advise you how to safely use our sunbeds to get the best end result, rather than a quick result.

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Safe Sunbed Tanning

You must be sensible when it comes to sunbeds, the same as tanning in the sun, and we can advise you on how to get the best end result.