Using A Sunbed To Prepare Your Skin for Sun

This might sound strange but one of the key reasons people use our sunbeds is to prepare their skin for sun – usually a holiday. A planned course of sunbed tanning can take away the shock of getting off the plane and subjecting your pale skin to long periods of sun when it’s had little exposure (especially with our British summers the way they are).

Planning Your Tanning

The key is getting a plan in place so you can build up your colour. It’s no different from being in the sun – if you blast your skin from the off, you will no doubt burn. But you can gradually get your skin used to the sunbed and UV by starting with smaller sessions and building them up. As an example, you could go for a 36 minute sunbed course and split it over five sessions:
  • 9 days before (3 minutes)
  • 7 days before (6 minutes)
  • 5 days before (9 minutes)
  • 3 days before (9 minutes)
  • 1 day before (9 minutes)
If you need any advice, why not call your local salon or send us an email?

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Safe Sunbed Tanning

You must be sensible when it comes to sunbeds, the same as tanning in the sun, and we can advise you on how to get the best end result.