Sun, Perfume and Hyperpigmentation

I’ve been having facials for a few years now and have a great home care regime (morning and night) that I am really happy with. But, over the last few months I have noticed that I have dark patches behind my ears.

During the client consultation I found out that she is an air hostess who often flies to hot countries, and, on her days off, she likes to relax and sunbathe. She is good with suncreams and re-applies them every couple of hours (which is perfect), but after further questioning I found out that she also sprays perfume behind her ears before going down to lay in the sun.

The reason for the large dark patches behind her ears is the alcohol in the perfume, which can cause hyperpigmentation.

Perfume should be sprayed onto clothing at best, or areas of the body not exposed to UV light, such as the torso or back.

If you are suffering with pigmentation then exfoliation is important and our recommended product is Eve Taylor’s Telomere DNA that encourages cell reproduction of healthy cells rather than damaged pigmentation cells.


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