Winter Skincare Tips

As the weather becomes colder you will no doubt notice changes to your skin, especially if you stick with the same skincare regime you have used throughout the summer, or if you use no skincare products at all.

During colder weather your skin has much more to deal with throughout your day. From being artificially warmed in your centrally heated house to the stark contrast out in cold weather. It has to adapt to your day and has to produce the necessary oils and moisture to cope with the constant changes.

What’s more, modern central heating tends to remove moisture from the air so your skin is also being dehydrated more than normal.

As a result, you may find your skin feeling drier or even flakey during the winter.

The key to good skincare during the winter is hydration: From the inside-out, and, from the outside-in.

Winter Skincare Tips

  • First of all - and still one of the best skincare tips you will ever receive - drink more water. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water will ensure your body has enough moisture to deliver to your skin.
  • If you have radiators at home, you could also get some radiator humidifiers. This will replace lost moisture in the rooms of your home and reduce the dehydrating effects.
  • Make sure you hydrate your skin at night as its the skins resting stage. Any skincare products you apply at night will work twice as hard during the night.
  • Use a face oil or serum underneath your moisturiser. By combining a face oil with your moisturiser, the products will penetrate deeper delivering more hydration to the skin.
  • Apply a hydrating mask once a week. The Eve Taylor Soothing Masque is great choice for hydrating your skin.
  • During the winter, have a monthly facial. Your beauty therapist will be able to determine what your skin is doing, what it lacks and will be able to treat you with the most effective products to bring your skin to life.

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