Motherly Advice From Eve Taylor

So, I went to Professional Beauty Show at the weekend to see what’s new and exciting and to catch up with some of my contacts.

One of our main brands is Eve Taylor Skincare so I went over to see the team and chat to the lady herself. We were having a natter and I mentioned to her that I had been having awful migraines and the doctors didn’t know why.

Eve stood shaking her head and then in a firm voice said…

Claire. You’ve have upset your colon. I don’t know whether you are eating the wrong thing or eating too late but it is unhappy.

Go over there and pick up No 11 body oil (Balancing) and rub it into your lower back to drain your lymph.

Busy on her stand, she then walked away to help someone else leaving me on the spot with my instructions and I walked away to get my bottle of the No. 11 Body Oil as I was told 😉

Anyway, after rubbing in the Body Oil for the past two days I have to say, I am not only sleeping a lot better, but my headaches have near enough disappeared!

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