Cracked Heels and Hard Skin

I have clients that come in for regular pedicures and when they talk about their home care routine I often hear them talking about using a pumice stone or foot rasp in the bath on wet feet or once they have got out of the bath with dried off feet.

A foot pumice or foot rasp works best on dry hard skin. Using it in a forwards-and-backwards motion it removes the hard skin in a dust form and gets quite a lot off.

It does take time and you have to do little and often in order to work down that skin that has been hardening over time.

When you use a foot rasp on wet or softened (from the bath) skin it tends to tear into the skin taking off chunks of skin rather than taking off a layer and can leave the foot uneven. It can also make the skin panic and form even more hard skin to protect itself. Clever really how the body works!

If you are working on your hard skin I would definitely recommend Phenomen Oil for an intense treatment or Intense Hydrating Heel Repair Cream (links go to our webshop).

Use your pumice before your bath to remove a layer of dead hard skin, then use either of these products (or both) after your bath or shower when you have dried.

If in doubt, give us a shout, and call the salon for help.

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