Young Children In The Salon

We love children. Between us all at Truly Scrumptious we have a few (and just about to add two more). But, in the beauty salon environment they can create two key problems for us and we want to share them with you because it’s important that you don’t think we are just being meany-bums and it’s not an easy topic to broach.

Firstly, there is the noise

Babies are unpredictable and youngsters get bored. It’s completely understandable and we expect no less.

But, some clients in the salon may be in for a relaxing treatment. Perhaps they have been given a voucher, perhaps they have saved up their pennies to treat themselves, and, if you’ve ever experienced a facial or massage you’ll know how relaxing they can be (many-a-time people nod off half way through).

It’s not so relaxing though if there are loud noises coming from another part of the salon.

Secondly, there is health and safety

We won’t bore you about red tape, procedures and paper work; but needless to say we take health and safety seriously.

With youngsters on the loose, our therapist’s hearts are often going ten-to-the-dozen keeping an eye on moving children – especially in a treatment room with sharp implements and scolding hot wax. That creates a serious problem if you are trying to wax someones private parts, especially.

And, we can’t babysit children in the reception while a client has a treatment or a sunbed session – we aren’t licensed.

There, We Said It

We want our salon to appeal to as many people as possible. We’ve even thought about having child friendly / no children policies at certain times of the day / week, but it’s not an easy problem to overcome.

Anyway, we’ve got it off our chests and we hope you understand 🙂

And, if you have any clever ideas for us, for both the parents and the other clients, we’d love to hear from you below.

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