Mens Manicure Transformation

Article by Craig

I’ve always wanted better nails and although I am not what I’d call a nail biter, I do have a tendency to ‘pick’ at my nails, biting loose ends and dry cuticles.

Better Nails For MenBut, following a chat with a client I decided to put in a little bit of effort to transform my shabby hands into something a little bit more presentable.

The key for me was keeping it as simple as possible and my thoughts lay behind the fact that if I kept my cuticles tidy, I’d be less inclined to bite the ends of my nails.

So, I opted for Jessica Phenomen Oil to use at home. Just before going to bed, I use the pipette to apply a few drops of the oil onto each cuticle and rub it in with a circular motion about ten times.

Two Weeks Of Home Treatments

After Two Weeks Of Phenomen OilI have to say, I was more than happy with the result of this process on its own. The skin around my nails softened and the cuticles repaired themselves with the extra nourishment. All for the sake of a two minute routine before I went to bed.

I have since found out by talking to one of the therapists that Jessica Nourish is also a great product as it has better healing benefits and this can be used alongside the Phenomen Oil.

One Step Further – A Manicure

Taking advantage of a spare half hour slot in the salon, I thought I would take it one step further and have a mens manicure. We have developed a manicure for men to help develop hands and nails without the polish (unless they want it of course). The mens manicure is especially popular in the lead up to weddings, after all who wants gammy hands in the close-up wedding pics?

Although I see plenty of people having manicures, I have never had one before and wasn’t sure on the process.

  • Firstly, the therapist rubbed Phenomen Oil into my cuticles and the knuckles on my fingers, followed by some hand moisturiser, which I found surprisingly relaxing.
  • Next, Nourish was rubbed into my cuticles before my hands were placed in some special hand bath solution to help soften the cuticles.
  • After a couple of minutes, the therapist used an electronic device to push the cuticles in on each finger, which also left some overhanging bits which were then clipped off.

Mens Manicure in HampshireAs you can see, the difference is very noticeable, with the finger nails looking incredibly neat and tidy – first time in a long time.

So, if you’re a fella who’s always wanted a good set of manicured nails, I’d definitely advise putting in the effort.

Not only do my hands look and feel smarter, my nails also seem to feel stronger too and the extra effort I’ve put in has encouraged me to leave my fingers away from my mouth.

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