Looking After Your Nails The Jessica Way

Considered the world’s leading authority on natural nail care, Jessica Cosmetics understands what it takes to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails. At Truly Scrumptious, we use the Jessica nailcare system from for a range of Manicures in our beauty salons in Hampshire.

Top Tips for Caring and Colouring Your Nails

First make sure you have a clean nails by removing any traces of old nail polish with Jessica Nail Polish Remover (gentle, non-oily formula) and check to see if any of your nails need filing before painting.

Base Coats

The first product that is applied to the nail is a Basecoat. With the Jessica Cosmetics Basecoats, your choose the right product depending on your current nail condition:
  • Rejuvenation: When your nail lacks moisture. Your nail may show pronounced ridges, have white spots or a powdery finish.
  • Recovery: For nails that are brittle and hard. Your nails may be curved, with a tendency to shatter.
  • Restoration: For nails that are damaged (or have just had acrylic nails removed). Your nails may be thin, weak, cracked and lack luster.
  • Reward: For normal and healthy nails. Pink, strong, smooth and flexible.
  • Critical Care: For soft, weak nails that won't grow.
  • Fusion: Use for peeling and splitting nails.
  • Life Jacket: When your nail breaks easily and needs extra protection. Perhaps your nails are prone to splitting or breaking and need extra support.
  • Flawless: Hides ridges and imperfections in your nails.

Applying The Base Coat

When applying the base coat, use 8-10 strokes to cover the nail plate and also tip the end of the nail (free edge) with the brush. This acts as a seal from anything getting under the base coat at the end of the nail.

Applying The Nail Polish Colour

Apply the colour in the same way as the base coat with plenty of strokes to cover the nail plate and again, tip the end of the nail with the colour. Always apply two coats of the nail polish colour.

Top Coats

A top coat will seal in the colour and protect the nail:

  • Top Priority: This is applied after the colour and acts like a ceramic glaze to keep polish ultra protected.
  • Brilliance: Applied after Top Priority, this is fast drying and a high gloss finisher. You can finish this with Quick Dry Drops, which boosts drying time.

Ongoing Maintenance of Your Manicure 

  • Protect your nails. The day after your manicure, apply Top Priority, under and over the nail (making sure you seal the edges).
  • Every night, massage Phenomen Oil into the cuticle area to help moisturise.
  • Every day, massage the cuticle area with Jessica Nourish to help condition and stimulate your nail growth.
  • Every 3-4 days, re-apply one coat each of your colour and Brilliance, followed by a drop of Quick Dry

More Information About Jessica Cosmetics

If you would like more detailed information about the Jessica Cosmetics Nailcare products you can visit our Jessica Nails website, which has lots of product detail. You can also buy Jessica Nails products online here.

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