Growing Out Split Nails

This Article was written by Amy – Advanced Therapist in our Fleet Salon

I have many clients who have come into the salon, upset that their natural nails have split very low down and they struggle to hold on to the nail, often resulting in it breaking off and becoming very sore.

There is an answer though ladies!

Jessica Fibre Fix takes away this problem, allowing your nail to recover, without it looking unsightly.

If you are having a manicure and you have a split nail, we apply a small amount of  Fibre Fix to the nail before painting your colour.

The Fibre Fix creates a strong barrier over the split in your nail, which is almost invisible once the nail has been painted on.

It also allows the split to grow further up the nail so that it can be cut down at your next manicure appointment without it breaking in-between appointments.

Say goodbye to those split nails!

If you have any concerns, why not call your local salon?

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