Ideas for New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year when we start looking forward and planning for the year ahead. With all good intentions moving into January, this is the year that I will “xxxx”….

Here’s the top three favourites for new years resolutions, with some ideas and local links to help you move forward.

1. Lose Weight

Probably one of the most popular, especially after feasting over Christmas. Whether you have a few pounds, or a few stone, finding the right plan for you is essential so that you can sustain some weight loss.

Why not try your local Slimming World and Weight Watchers groups who focus on lifestyle changes:

  • Losing weight is for everyone – Even if you have tried and failed before, this could be your year, especially if you find the right combination of eating and exercise, or the right diet.
  • It’s not just for January – Any plan you try needs to be sustainable. Ie. It’s not a short-term thing, but a lifestyle change.

2. Give Up Smoking

Like anything that needs ‘giving up’, your journey will be a personal one. Smoking is one of those things that is different for everyone, and people tend to smoke for quite different reasons. As with over-eating, if you understand the things that set off the need to smoke, you can often combat the root cause that leads to sparking up.

Friend of the salon, Annalise Kirk, who is a hypnotherapist in Basingstoke, is one route that we have seen work on a number of occasions and there are lots of other self-help books and advice to get you started, especially from the NHS.

The one thing that is essential for any route you chose is that  you have to REALLY WANT to give up smoking in the first place.

3. Get Fit

This new years resolution is often combined with losing weight. Whereas some people want to just look better, getting fit aids weight-loss with the obvious additional health benefits of reduced fat, blood pressure, etc.

Sometimes, it’s a case of joining a gym or seeking advice. Try finding an activity you really enjoy – whether its a social team sport, or an activity like running or cycling. The more you enjoy it, the more likely you are going to stick with it. It should be a lifestyle choice rather than a chore.

Some local links for you: Gary Fillery (personal trainer in Basingstoke), Results Gym in Fleet,  The Gym in Farnborough and Caffreys Gym in Andover.

Sometimes, a challenge works as it gives you something to aim for. Go on… reach for the sky!

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